Product Presentation

The S-45 is the only device on the market that is suitable for shopping windows or in sale rooms:

It can run for days without overheating and crashing.

Other products are intented to be used as toys for a few hours.

They usually overheat and fail if you try to run them for a whole day.

45 mm Suspension-Height

We can deliver more than twice the suspension height

then any other available levitation display.

Other products usually suspend objects at 2cm height-

making it hard to see that your product is floating at all.

Shopping Experience

Display your product suspended in midair- like magic

“How can we create an interesting environment for our customers that makes them stay longer?”

This is the main idea behind our products for the retail industry

Sales Increase

If you display a product like a watch or shoes with the S-45, the amount of customers that notice your product will increase instantly.

You will sell more and your investment of 249,- will be returned soon.

The S-45 is very energy efficient: It uses permament magnets for the main lifting force and power is only used for small electromagnets to keep the carrier-disc in the center.

In Stock: € 299,-   Free Shipping – Complete set with Carrier-Disc and Power Supply